NY Car and Truck Accident Attorneys

According to Traffic Safety Facts from 2004, by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “motor vehicle travel is the primary source of transportation in the United States .[and] motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for persons of every age from 3 through 33 years old.” In 2004, of the estimated 6.1 million police reported traffic crashes, 2.7 million people were injured and 4.2 million crashes involved property damage only. Of the 42,636 traffic deaths in 2004, New York State ranked sixth in the country.

Life can take a dramatic twist in a matter of seconds when you are involved in a car accident. Police reports, claim representatives, insurance adjusters, body shop quotes along with a myriad of forms to fill out now consume a majority of your thoughts and time. If the accident caused harm to you or your passengers, medical expenses including rehabilitation and time off from work are added to the complex equation.

If you were a victim of a car or truck accident, either as a driver or passenger or you were at fault for a car crash in New York, it is important you receive sound legal counsel to advise you.

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