Pedestrian Accidents

New York Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Occasionally, something as innocuous as crossing the street can turn deadly. Pedestrian accidents kill up to 5,000 Americans every year, and at least 65,000 others are injured. Tragically, most pedestrian accidents are 100% preventable

A full 12 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities affect pedestrians. This statistic reflects the sheer size of cars, which can outweigh a human by more than 3,000 pounds. The numbers show that while there are more pedestrian accidents in urban areas, rural and farm areas have more severe injuries due to drivers using higher speeds on back roads and in unpopulated areas. Elderly people and children are at higher risk, but anyone can suffer a pedestrian accident if a driver is distracted, has a diminished field of vision, or does not recognize the presence of a pedestrian on the road.

Speed and circumstances of the pedestrian accident greatly influence the injury. When a person is struck by a motor vehicle, the injuries are usually serious. Even at low speed, when a car bumper strikes your knee, arthroscopic surgery to repair the knee is likely. Shoulder injuries and severe head trauma are also common when the pedestrian crashes to the roadway surface. Skin grafts are also common, as the body’s momentum drags it along the road’s rough surface. Unfortunately, some insurance payouts do not consider the high cost of ongoing medical treatment, pain and suffering, missed time from work, and the need for physical therapy or vocational rehabilitation. That is why, before accepting any payment from an insurance company, it is recommended that someone involved in a pedestrian accident seek savvy legal representation. You could be able to file a civil lawsuit that allows you to sue the driver or insurance company for damages related to the many costs of your medical care.

Most people do not know that their own auto insurance covers them, and beloved members of their household, even as pedestrians, if they are struck by some one else’s car. Your “SUM” insurance provides precisely for such protection. However, you do not want to rely on your insurance company to remind you of this valuable protection that you paid for. Speak to a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to protect your rights.

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