The FDA has announced a LASIK laser recall that affects the LADAR6000 LASIK eye surgery laser. The excimer lasers, which were heralded as the best in the field at the time of their release in May 2006, have resulted in an unusually high percentage of serious complications for patients of LASIK eye exams in which they were used.

The laser reshapes the cornea during a LASIK eye surgery procedure with the intended purpose of reducing the patient’s need for glasses or contact lenses. The new laser was recalled because it resulted in patients developing “central islands” after LASIK procedures. “Central islands” are areas of the cornea that do not receive the proper amount of laser energy, creating elevated spots or ‘islands’ on the cornea of the eye. Central islands can have substantially damaging effects to an individual’s vision quality that could become permanent. Treatments can vary from the required use of contact lenses to corrective surgery, depending on the severity of the symptoms. According to Alcon, more than 150 patients who were treated by the LADAR6000 developed central islands.

This Alcon laser recall is the latest in a litany of mishaps in the LASIK community. As consumers and patients, we entrust our health and well-being to doctors, but when that trust is misplaced, the results can be catastrophic.

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Earlier this year, Mr. Krouner achieved similar distinctive success in settling three cases involving the defective Alcon LADAR6000 for patients in Colorado and Oregon.

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