Medical Malpractice

New York Medical Malpractice Attorneys

When entrusting your health to a doctor, you expect to be treated professionally. Although most doctors provide appropriate care, medical negligence can occur when a doctor either lacks skill or somehow overlooks the condition of you or your loved ones. Our law office has handled numerous medical malpractice suits in several areas including:

  • LASIK and other forms of eye malpractice
  • Gastric bypass surgery resulting in death
  • Emergency Room mismanagement of asthma resulting in anoxic encephalopathy, permanent brain damage and coma
  • Delay or misdiagnosis of cancer leading to serious injury, including death
  • Obstetrical and pediatric malpractice resulting in serious injury to newborns, including permanent brain damage and physical disabilities
  • Breast reduction surgery resulting in loss of breast
  • Various surgical errors

In July 2005, Todd J. Krouner obtained a record verdict of $7.25 million against a prominent LASIK eye surgeon, whose medical negligence resulted in cornea transplant surgery for his patient. The verdict is the largest of its kind, nearly doubling the previous record for a similar case.

Krouner speaks often about LASIK safety, has been published on the subject, and has appeared before the F.D.A., medical students, and the national trial lawyers’ convention (American Association for Justice) to discuss issues in the area. He is frequently quoted in the media as well.

We are now representing clients and consulting with attorneys on a national basis.

A list of some of our LASIK and related eye care cases includes:

(1) Schiffer v. Speaker (NY)

(2) Kowalski v. Ritterband (NY)

(3) Cho v. Lee (NY)

(4)Domeier v. Whitten (VA)

(5)Semko v. Waring (GA)

(6) Wymes v. Lustbader (MD)

(7) D’Angelo v. Duplessie (MD)

(8) Linegar v. Lobanoff (MN)

(9) Reed v. Alcon (CO)

(10) Chapman v. Horsley (MA)

(11) Kennard v. Alcon (OR)

(12) Penney v. Alcon (OR)

(13) Dew v. Allara (W VA)

[Four cases in New York and two in Virginia are omitted due to confidential settlement terms.]

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