SUV Accidents

New York SUV Accident Attorney

When sport utility vehicles (“SUVs”) first went on the market, they were accompanied by significant hype about their supposed safety benefits. That was before the spate of SUV accidents that has killed thousands of Americans. In fact, it is estimated that SUV accidents kill 5,000 people each year.

The danger of SUVs is due to design flaws that seriously compromise these popular vehicles’ crashworthiness. One huge flaw in many SUVs is the lack of roll bars, a component that keeps the roof of a car from crumpling up in an accident. This flaw is fatal considering SUV’s increased likelihood of rolling (over 60 percent of all SUV accidents involve a rollover of some kind). And despite studies showing that SUVs are not safe, millions of these vehicles are still on the road.

Given the recalls, news stories, and investigations, you would think the public would be well-versed on the dangers of SUVs, and demand that auto manufacturers take their safety into better consideration. Unfortunately, the hype around SUVs has led the public to consider them “safe,” and this false reliance endangers thousands of lives each year. From traumatic brain injury to paralysis, facial disfigurement, even death or long-term disability, SUV accidents take a real toll on their victims.

Victims of SUV accidents have the option of filing a civil lawsuit against both the driver who caused their accident and the manufacturer whose faulty vehicle design endangered their lives. These complex cases have almost no chance of success without the skills of an experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyer who understands the variety of legal issues involved in an SUV accident, and who can draw upon past success.

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