NY Business Disputes Attorneys

“The cost of doing business” shouldn’t encompass going to court. Your time is better spent attending to the day to day operations of your business, customers and employees. The reality however, is that not everyone holds to the same standards of excellence that you do when conducting business. Sometimes hiring an attorney to help mitigate the situation is your only option.

With extensive experience and diversity in the practice of corporate, bankruptcy and employment law issues, our attorneys provide clients with the care, accuracy and dedication expected of seasoned litigators.

Our team of law professionals is experienced in business legal matters, including:

  • bankruptcy
  • failure to deliver
  • failure to perform
  • breach of contract
  • unfair competition
  • employment issues
  • collections
  • partnership or shareholder disputes
  • foreclosure
  • commercial fraud
  • insurance
  • government investigations
  • international dispute resolution, technology and intellectual property
  • construction law
  • breach of contract
  • mediation or arbitration
  • property and lease disputes

The Law Office of Todd J. Krouner, P.C. is a litigation boutique which prides itself on client service and commitment to excellence, providing a personal touch that can only be maintained by a small but dedicated staff. Our personal service is essential given that most people are not familiar with the judicial system and must rely on their lawyer to properly advise and represent them.

Our experienced business dispute attorneys in NY offer highly capable and aggressive legal services when required. We invite you to contact us at (914) 238-5800 or by email at info@krounerlaw.com.