Choosing A LASIK Surgeon

If you think the benefits of LASIK surgery outweigh the risks, you should consider the following factors in selecting a LASIK surgeon:

  • Fellowship training in cornea;
  • Significant academic credentials;
  • Affiliation with a university teaching hospital; and
  • A conservative approach to surgery, especially here, where LASIK surgery is an entirely elective procedure.

If one doctor has expressed reservations about performing LASIK surgery, or has indicated you may not be a suitable candidate, why look for a more aggressive surgeon who will do it? This is not cancer treatment. LASIK malpractice cases where one doctor said “no,” and the second doctor said “yes,” with predictably bad outcomes have arisen each time for the patient.

Finally, I would avoid doctors; no matter how good their credentials are, where:

  • There are lawsuits; or
  • The doctor works at a high volume national LASIK center, like TLC, or the local equivalent.

Lawsuits are like cockroaches. Where there is one, there are likely to be several. You do not want to be perceived by your doctor as merely a potential cost of doing business.

Good doctors make bad mistakes at high volume LASIK mills by being inattentive, over-delegating responsibility for your screening, care and post-operative treatment, or simply by running the LASIK patient conveyor belt too fast. You are paying for, and deserve, individualized medical care. Make sure your LASIK surgeon accepts responsibility for all facets of your care.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of LASIK surgery because your surgeon failed to properly screen you or made an error during surgery, please contact a LASIK eye surgery lawyer at the Law Office of Todd J. Krouner, P.C. at (914) 238-5800 or for a free, comprehensive and confidential consultation and evaluation of your claim.