Dangerous Roads

NY Dangerous Road Accident Attorneys

When you think of an auto accident, it is easy to think of a negligent driver. But when the negligent party is not the driver, but the roadway designer or builder, a whole host of issues arise that can affect (and endanger) drivers and passengers.

You may not think of it, but when you drive on a public road, you have essentially placed your life in the hands of the city or municipality that designed, built and maintained it. Everything from poor initial design to flawed components, inclement weather and construction zones, can contribute to dangerous roads and intersections. Obscured signs, obstructed or missing shoulders, and improper guardrails on bridges can endanger drivers and passengers. These conditions can lead to life-threatening and disabling injuries if a driver is caught off-guard. Other dangerous road factors include improper or missing signage, which can cause drivers to operate their vehicles at inappropriate speeds or not be aware of hazards on the road ahead.

It is hard to estimate the true cost of dangerous roads and intersections. Some drivers emerge from their accidents unscathed, but others are not so lucky. When a roadway is poorly designed or maintained, it is inevitable that unknowing drivers will sustain serious personal injuries, including broken bones, burns, back injuries, head and brain trauma, or even death.

It can be tempting to consider a crash due to a dangerous road to be “nobody’s fault,” but the fact is that your city or municipality has an obligation to provide safe roadways. Suing a municipality for insufficient maintenance or negligence can seem daunting, but it could protect others in the long run by encouraging the city to clean up its act. However, there are many details and nuances inherent in dangerous road and intersection litigation – details best left to a personal injury lawyer who fully understands legal obligations and the ins and outs of the civil court system.

When suing a governmental entity that is responsible for the roadway hazard, special rules apply. Typically, when the defendant is a city, county or state, the statute of limitations is much shorter and a pre-suit notice of claim may be required within 90 days of the injury

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