What is sexual harassment in the workplace, and how a discrimination lawyer can help you

harrassment at workPeople deserve to be treated with dignity and respect while doing their job. Sexual harassment should never be tolerated in the workplace. Most companies understand this and have policies and procedures to enforce this principle. Other employers turn a blind eye to sexual harassment complaints.

If you work in a company that allows sexual harassment to go on unchecked, you can do something about it. You can hold your employer accountable.

Hiring a discrimination lawyer New York is the first step toward building a case. A discrimination attorney is appropriate for this type of case because workplace sexual harassment is against federal, New York state and New York City laws.

You may have experienced or witnessed any of the following behaviors, then you have a sexual harassment case against your employer:

1. Quid pro quo threats
This occurs when a supervisor threatens to fire a subordinate if she does not give into them. Or if a supervisor requests sexual favors in exchange for promotion or advancement.

2. Hostile work environment
This occurs when an employee is subjected to unwelcome physical or verbal conduct that is abusive in nature. If the conduct is so severe and pervasive, it will alter the employee’s work environment and create an abusive and unsafe space.

3. Inappropriate conduct
Uninvited massages, sexually explicit comments and jokes, butt slapping, unwanted kissing and touching—these are just some of the many types of behaviors that are not acceptable in the workplace.

A recent survey found that over 75% of employees do not report sexual harassment. Most people don’t do so for fear of retaliation. However, the law makes clear that an employer cannot fire someone for reporting sexual harassment. If you decide to pursue a case against your employer and they retaliate against you, then you can sue them for additional damages. You should speak to a discrimination lawyer at the Law Office of Todd J. Krouner, P.C. to understand all your legal options if you are being discriminated against in your workplace.