One Doctor’s Excellent LASIK Results Tell Us Little About Patient Safety and Satisfaction For The Masses

A recent study from the Cleveland Clinic reports that the overwhelming majority of physicians who had LASIK surgery were satisfied.  The study notes that nearly 1 million patients have LASIK, or some similar form of corneal surgery (i.e., PRK), each year, and that 95% are satisfied.  “Just” 2% of the physicians reported “severe problems.”  Click here to read the study.

One obvious problem with the Cleveland Clinic study is that it is limited to the singular success of one LASIK surgeon, Ronald R. Krueger, M.D.  I know Dr. Krueger.  He is an amazing surgeon of great skill, education and integrity.  But it is dangerous to extrapolate his distinctive success to the nearly 1 million patients per year who do not have the privilege to consult Dr. Krueger as their LASIK surgeon.

What is the true success rate for the general population of LASIK patients?  Who knows.  Six years ago, in 2008, when I addressed the FDA, it promised a study on LASIK safety.  Six years later, we are still waiting.

It is hard to reconcile slanted industry reports of 80% patient satisfaction with a 2013 Consumer Reports study that found that “nearly two-thirds said they were disappointed to find that they still had to wear glasses or contacts at least occasionally.”  Click here to read the Consumer Report article.  It is also hard to reconcile the supposed 95% patient satisfaction rate with the image of the entire FDA LASIK Advisory Panel wearing glasses. (If only I knew how to take a selfie when I addressed that panel six years ago.)

If you still want LASIK, go to Dr. Krueger at the Cleveland Clinic.  If you cannot, ask to see your surgeon’s patient satisfaction reports (and I do not mean Yelp reviews).

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