New York – Not So Tough on Doctors?

A new report by the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct suggests what New York medical malpractice attorneys have known for year – that New York is punishing fewer doctors than ever, though complaints against doctors have been on the rise for years. Now known as one of the nation’s most pro-doctor physician disciplinary systems, New York’s system has actually punished 20 percent fewer doctors in the last few years – even as complaints rose nearly 43 percent, its highest-ever number.

Though New York leads the nation in doctor monitoring agreements, it does not necessarily suspend or revoke the licenses of these doctors. This move has been criticized as a veritable slap on the wrist that does nothing to protect New York patients from incompetent or malicious doctors…and the prospects facing a patient safety bill in New York’s legislature remain unclear.

What does this report mean for New York patients? Unfortunately, not much. With little incentive to clean up their acts, it is likely that New York doctors will continue to endanger the lives of their patients with irresponsible actions that are passed off as “care.” The result: injury, trauma, even death.

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