Long-Term Effects of Lasik Malpractice

lasik malpracticeLasik eye surgery is a procedure that can fix a refractive error. It is often used to treat nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness. This procedure corrects the refractive error by reshaping the cornea. 

Risks of Lasik Eye Surgery 

Lasik eye surgery is safe, and the majority of people do not have any complications. However, many people end up needing to hire malpractice attorneys for laser surgery because they have complications. There is a possibility that your vision can worsen after you get surgery. You may also develop halos and double vision. 

The purpose of getting Lasik eye surgery is to eliminate the need for contacts and glasses. However, you may still need them. Dry eye syndrome is another potential complication of Lasik eye surgery. This condition occurs when there are not enough tears produced to moisten the eyes. Not only does this cause discomfort, but it can also interfere with your vision. 

Causes of Complications 

In some cases, complications cannot be avoided. However, there are several things that eye doctors can do in order to reduce the risk of this happening. The eye doctor can make sure that the patient is screened properly. They can also follow up with the patient to ensure that they are healing properly. 

Additionally, faulty medical equipment and improper surgical techniques can cause complications. If that occurs, then you can call the Law Office of Todd J. Krouner. Patients can suffer permanent damage to their cornea due to malpractice. 

What to Do If You Are a Victim of Lasik Eye Surgery Malpractice 

Because Lasik eye surgery negligence can result in long-term complications, you may be eligible for compensation. An attorney will examine whether the surgeon followed all of the necessary procedures. There is a standard of care that every doctor has to adhere to. 

The Lasik eye surgery malpractice attorneys can help you pursue a claim.