LASIK Patient Dissatisfaction

In a recent episode about risks of LASIK surgery, Dr. Oz cited a Consumer Reports survey, which indicated that only 50% of patients who had LASIK surgery, three year later, were satisfied with their results.

A recent report from Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency put the patient satisfaction rate at 74%. For a copy of the story reported in Japan Times see here.  43% of patients complained of severe eye pain, dry eyes, and difficulty seeing in dim light.  18% said the surgery did not meet expectations, or that the improvement was only temporary.

The Japanese government report is important in the absence of any action by the F.D.A.  More than five years ago, the F.D.A. promised a LASIK safety survey which has yet to come.  Curiously, the Japanese experience, like the Consumer Reports survey, demonstrates much more patient dissatisfaction than the LASIK industry acknowledges.

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