In The News – LASIK Verdict Hall of Fame

On Monday, November 24, 2014, the New York Law Journal, in conjunction with Verdict, named Todd J. Krouner in its “Verdict and Settlements Hall of Fame: Medical Malpractice.”

The Hall of Fame verdict was $5.8 million in a LASIK malpractice case, in which the surgeon was negligent in screening the patient for eye surgery.  As a result, the patient developed post-LASIK ectasia, which is a vision threatening disease that impacts quality of vision, resulting in symptoms such as double vision, glare and halos.  The New York jury awarded, and the appellate court recently affirmed, $3.1 million just for the patient’s pain and suffering.  That pain and suffering award is the highest of its kind for an eye injury.

Together with Mr. Krouner’s previous $7.25 million verdict in Schiffer v. Speaker, Mr. Krouner has the two largest verdicts involving LAISK surgery negligence.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a doctor, you should promptly contact an attorney with experience in medical malpractice.  The Law Office of Todd J. Krouner has a proven track record of helping patients injured by eye doctors (and other forms of medical malpractice) all over the country.  To determine if you have a strong case, contact us for a free consultation at (914) 238-5800.