In the News – – “It Does Not Feel Like Justice”

On February 3, 2016, the Washington Post reported that former Nyack College softball coach Kurt Ludwigsen pled guilty to seven misdemeanor counts of forcible touching involving his student-athletes.

“It does not feel like justice,” said Todd J. Krouner, an attorney who represents six members of the Nyack College softball team in a civil lawsuit against Ludwigsen, Nyack College and several of the college’s administrators. The suit alleges discrimination under Title IX, retaliation and negligent hiring.

In addition to the seven misdemeanor charges, Ludwigsen had been charged with felony coercion, harassment in the second degree and misdemeanor sexual assault.  His student-athlete victims urged the prosecutor to pursue the maximum possible sentence, and were assured by the prosecutor that, at the very least, Ludwigsen would have to register as a sex offender. However, under the terms of the plea deal, Ludwigsen will not register as a sex offender, nor will he face any jail time.

It takes tremendous courage for victims of sexual assault to come forward.  When they do, their voices should not be ignored.