In The News – – Consumer Digest Quotes Krouner on LASIK Hazards

In the October 2015 issue of Consumer Digest, Todd J. Krouner is cited extensively in an editor’s note warning about complications of LASIK surgery.  In addition to criticizing the FDA for abandoning its oversight responsibilities, Consumer Digest echoes Krouner’s warning to consumers to: (1) avoid high volume LASIK facilities; (2) get an opinion from an ophthalmologist who does not perform LASIK surgery; (3) seek LASIK surgeons who have extra fellowship training in cornea; and (4) avoid bargain LASIK facilities that offer surgery for less than $1,000.

In the accompanying article, Krouner is critical of the FDA and LASIK surgeons who he contends underreport post-LASIK ectasia, the most devastating, vision threatening complication of LASIK.

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