FDA Warns of LASIK Complications/Better Late Than Never

In 2008, I addressed an FDA Advisory Panel on LASIK Safety about life-altering risks of LASIK eye surgery.

On December 8, 2022, the New York Times reported that 14 years later, the FDA finally opened its eyes to the hazards of this elective procedure.  The FDA investigation revealed that patients with healthy eyes before LASIK developed new visual problems, or aberrations, after including halos, starbursts, and a one-third incidence of dry eyes three months after surgery.

The FDA notes that for patients who develop post-LASIK complications, severe depression and even suicide have been reported.

Obviously, the LASIK device manufacturers are not happy about the FDA warnings, nor are some surgeons who place a patient profit above patient safety. Having a full discussion about the risks of surgery takes time and slows down the conveyor belt at some LASIK factories.

If the FDA guidelines are adopted, perhaps LASIK customers will receive a more realistic, pre-operative assessment of risks and complications. Better late than never.

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