Experience Gender Discrimination at School? Here Are Your Rights

Gender DiscriminationIt’s a sad thing, but discrimination still happens all too often. For many people, discrimination targets their gender, and when it happens at school, it can feel even worse. In New York, gender discrimination attorneys have fought for victims of this kind of abuse for years, but more work needs to be done. New York officials continue to take a harder stance on discrimination, and there are ways you can get help if you have received mistreatment at school.

Gender Discrimination at School

Understanding the legal definition of gender discrimination can help you identify problems and find resolutions to them. According to the law, gender discrimination is any practice where a person is treated poorly or unfairly because of their sex or gender.

Unfortunately, this has been part of society for so long that there are still plenty of people who would prefer to look the other way. When learning institutions are unwilling or unable to resolve gender discrimination issues, you might find better help from a New York gender discrimination attorney. 

New York’s New Regulation

New York City passed a bill in 2020 that takes a firmer stance against gender discrimination. It requires places of learning to present a prevention and accountability plan for issues that fall under Title IX. They also have to openly share information, making it harder to hide cases of mistreatment.

Despite this change in the law, many victims of mistreatment still need help to pursue recourse. A gender discrimination attorney in West Chester will listen to your case and help you understand all of your options.

Getting Help from a New York Gender Discrimination Attorney

Discrimination is never ok, and that is why attorneys are available to help. If you have experienced anything of the like, contact the Law Office of Todd J. Krouner.