Dr. Owczarek Sued For LASIK Surgery Malpractice


Thomas Baird v. Frank R. Owczarek, M.D. and Eye Care of Delaware, LLC

In the Superior Court of the State ofDelaware, Case No. N11C-09-241 RRC


On September 3, 2011, Thomas Baird filed a complaint against Frank R. Owczarek, M.D., and Eye Care of Delaware, LLC, in the Superior Court of the State ofDelaware, for the negligent performance of LASIK surgery.

In January 2004, Dr. Owczarek performed LASIK surgery on both of Mr. Baird’s eyes. The complaint alleges that after the initial surgery failed, leaving Mr. Baird with visual acuity worse than 20/50 and 20/60, in his right and left eye, respectively, Dr. Owczarek proposed additional surgery on October 14, 2009. However, during the patient’s pre-enhancement eye examination, Dr. Owczarek failed to see signs of ectasia, for which LASIK surgery is contraindicated.  As a result, Mr. Baird is now legally blind in his left eye, and vision in his right eye is significantly worse than it was before the surgeries.

Ectasia is a disorder that causes progressive thinning and weakening of the cornea.  Patients with ectasia often suffer a loss of visual acuity.  In addition, individuals may suffer from a host of problems related to the quality of their vision, which include halos, blurry vision, glare, ghosting, starbursts, double vision, light sensitivity, contrast sensitivity, loss of depth perception, difficulty driving a motor vehicle, especially at night, headaches, dry eyes, and foreign body sensation.

Mr. Baird is represented by the Law Office of  Todd J. Krouner in Chappaqua, New York, and Hudson & Castle Law, of Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Krouner represents victims of LASIK surgery throughout theUnited States. Mr. Hudson has extensive experience in litigating medical malpractice actions.

A copy of the complaint is available here. For further information, please contact Todd J. Krouner, Esq., at (914) 238-5800, or Bruce Hudson, Esq., at (302)504-8146.