CBS Reports LASIK Eye Surgery Should Be Taken off The Market

CBS News reported yesterday that a former FDA adviser who once approved LASIK now asks the FDA for a recall.  On the one hand, the LASIK industry reports a complication rate of less than 1%.  By contrast, former FDA advisor Morris Waxler reports the complication rate as between 10 and 30%.

Indeed 50% of LASIK patients will develop dry eye symptoms.  For some, it is “temporary” or lasting six months.  For others, it can be permanent and severe.  For a vision threatening complication known as ectasia, the LASIK patient can lose his or her visual acuity and visual quality.  In the worst case, a cornea transplant is necessary.  The medical literature reports the risk of ectasia at less than 1%.  However, where the FDA fails to enforce the laser centers’ reporting obligations for this vision crippling complication, the true rate of post-LASIK ectasia is not known.

The risk of creating eye disease with elective surgery, where none exists, makes no sense to me.

But if LASIK still appeals to you, discuss the risks with an eye doctor who has no financial interest in the surgery, and avoid high volume LASIK facilities.

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