Accidents with Police Cars: Your Guide

police carCar accidents happen to people every day.  It’s very important to know what to do when this happens to you.  For example, if you’re in an accident with another vehicle, one of the first things you do is call the police.  However, what should you do when a police vehicle causes your accident instead?  The Law Office of Todd J. Krouner, P.C., has qualified lawyers who can guide you in this type of case.  Find a New York car accident lawyer that is right for your situation.

How a Police Car is Treated Under New York Law

Under New York law, police cars are not treated the same as any other cars.  The city’s highest court states that as long as a police officer is in the process of responding to any call, the officer is deemed to be engaged in the “emergency operation” of a vehicle.  As a result, his actions will be judged by the far more tolerant “reckless disregard for the safety of others” standard outlined in VTL 1104(e).  While they have more protections under the law, the police can still be found negligent.

The legal system does give police officers more leeway in their behavior due to their protections.  This could make it hard for you to show negligence occurred.  That’s why hiring a New York Car Accident Attorney will help you work out the details in filing a lawsuit claim.

How an Attorney can Help You with this Case

This type of case requires expertise from a qualified, experienced lawyer that could give you the justice you deserve.  Find a New York car accident lawyer with proven results by contacting our office today.