Sexual Assault and Donald Trump

Donald Trump was found guilty of sexual assault, by a civil jury in New York, on May 9, 2023, and ordered to pay a whopping $5 million to his victim, E. Jean Carroll. The verdict represents a historic victory for victims of sexual assault everywhere for two reasons. First, the verdict confirms again that no one is above the law: no President, no movie mogul, no clergy. Second, the verdict confirms that there is no required “playbook” for how victims behave. Among other things, Ms. Carroll did not:

  • scream for help;
  • recall the date of her assault;
  • report the assault to police;
  • seek medical attention; or
  • shrivel up into the world of post-traumatic stress disorder and surrender her voice and active, productive life.

Thus, through her verdict, she has shattered the stereotype of how victims of sexual assault are “supposed to behave.”

For those who are somehow susceptible to the propaganda of Mr. Trump, a few points bear emphasis.

First, Mr. Trump defaulted. He chose not to attend his trial. He was not too busy. He was hiding in the bunker at his golf club in Scotland during his trial.

Second, still he was convicted by his own sworn pre-trial testimony. “Grab ‘em by the pussy.” That’s a “fortunate” thing that stars get to do. Ms. Carroll was supposedly not his “type,” even though he confused the picture of a younger Ms. Carroll for his [former] wife, pageant queen, Marla Maples.

Third, the jury was a jury of his peers, from New York, empaneled with the participation and approval of his own lawyers.

Fourth, as Woody Allen teaches, 80% of success is showing up. Actor Kevin Spacey showed up in the same federal courthouse, denied charges of sexual assault, under oath, under cross- examination from the witness stand, and beat the rap. Actor Johnny Depp did the same. So too did NBA basketball star Derek Rose. The falsely accused can and do succeed. But when Mr. Trump chose to be absent from his trial, he left the jury little choice but to find him guilty.

Fifth the conduct of sexual predators rarely happens in isolation. Two other victims testified at the trial (with no profit motive) about Mr. Trump’s similar custom and practice, or modus operandi, of sexual assault.

Through the noise of Mr. Trump, it bears emphasis that the truth prevailed and justice was served. No one is above the law. There is no right way for victims of sexual assault to behave.

If you are, or a loved one is, a victim of sexual assault, even from long ago, there still remains a narrow window of opportunity to seek justice.

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